Admission to First Year Diploma Courses

Library is always considered as the real ‘powerhouse’ of any educational institution. Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College autocredited / computerized library is having specious building of total 1102 sq. area with proper lighting and ventilation. It has separate reading hall for girls, boys and Lecturers. There is a stack section, a periodical section, a reference section, circulation section, C section etc with all basic amenities. The seating capacity of the library is 360. However there is additional space to accomodate 40 more. Open Access system has been introduced in our library.

Automated Library

The Term Automated library denotes a library in which the collections of library materials are primarily on paper but in which the libraries produced have been computerized. Library operations like acquisitions, circulation, retrieving are through computers.

Electronic Library

The term E-library is used to describe and Comprehend situation in which documents are stored in eletronic from rather than paper.

Collection of Library:

Library is a growing organism and librarian play an important role in developing information repositories. Libraries Collect & preserve materials in order to serve their information sections.

Total Number of Books 81,568
Total Number of Titles 55,450
Magazines 103
Indian Journals 93
Foreign Journals/ Magazines4
Online Journals 12
Peer Reviewed 65
Back Volumes 70
News Papers 13
Non book materials (E- Resources)
CAL Packages 222
Student project 400
Edusat Programs    379
Magazines CDs/DVDs 579
Books CDs/DVDs 438


Library receives 13 newspapers Daily.

English 5
Kannada 7
Hindi 1

The 4 Kannada and 4 English daily’s are displayed in News paper stand in periodical section. The remaining News Papers are arranged in the holding table for general use. Old news papers are arranged in a shelf for reader’s reference. We dispose the old new papers once in a year

  1. Tips for Research Students
  2. Inter Library Loan
  3. Over Night
  4. What is Special Today
  5. Open Access
  6. Loan
  7. Reference
  8. Book Bank
  9. Book Selection from Students
  10. User Education
  11. Incentives for Sports Students
  12. Tips for Research Students
  13. Xerox / Reprography facility
  14. Display of New Arrivals
  15. CAS: (Current Awareness Service)
  16. SDI: (Selective Dissemination of Information)
  17. Library for the Public
  18. Tips to the Department
  19. Newspaper Clippings
  20. Best Readers Recognition
  21. In addition to the originals, three set of Xerox copies of above certificates are to be submitted.
Library working hours

 08.00 am to 08.00 pm All working days

 08.00am to 04.30 pm Saturday


 Property Counter

 Circulation Counter

 Reference Desk

 Attendance Counter


 Periodical Section


 Boys & Girls Wings

 Best Library User

 Ha. Ma. Nayak Section

 Ram. Shri. Mugali Section

 Siddavana Oriental Library

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